Fresh fish essentially smells like the ocean. If there’s a repugnant odor coming out of the fish, it’s not worth your money. Here are a few must-knows when it comes to fish shopping:

Wow, those eyes

‘Shiny eyes’ is the first thing you notice about fresh fish. Cloudy eyes are a no-no. If the eyes look good, you can almost be certain that the fish is fresh.

Oh yes, DeFINitely

The tail and fins of the fish should still be wet and healthy-looking. A mishandled fish would have torn fins while stale fish fins would be dry and brittle.

Dare to poke!

If you press the flesh and release, it should spring back to its natural shape at once. If it doesn’t, don’t buy it.

Be ViGILLant

Check the gills for vitality and color. Bright red – Great, Red – Good, Brown – No no!

Scale up

Shiny and firm, fresh fish will still have scales intact when you run your hand over it. Stale fish will shed scales upon touch.

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